2019 Taught A Lot Childcare Holiday and Vacation Schedule

                                   The following Days are Paid As Normal                                                                                                     

Monday       January 21st 

Monday       February 18th          

Friday         March 15th                     

Monday        April 15th             

Monday        May 27th               

Friday         June 14th               

Thursday     July 4th                  

Friday         July 5th   

Friday         August 16th         

Monday        September 2nd         

Monday        October 14th             

*Please Note: We close at 2:00 P.M on Wednesday November 27th

Thursday     November 28th        

Friday         November 29th         


Our Three Vacation Weeks are All Paid, and are Equal to your Child's Weekly Tuition :

Spring Vacation - closed from  Mon 04/8/19- Fri 04/12/19

Summer Vacation - closed from Mon 07/22/19- Fri 07/26/19

Winter Vacation - closed from Mon 12/23/19- Mon 01/27/19 *Re-opening on Thursday 01/02/19

Save The Date!!!!!

Saturday August 17th!!!!

Taught A Lot Family Day

Details to follow



Taught A Lot Childcare