Taught A Lot Childcare



 At Taught A Lot Childcare, we are committed to making early years learning years and making them count. There are no patterns to follow, only materials with which children can create. There are no complicated abstract meanings the child cannot comprehend; only ideas, things to talk about, relate to, compare with, match, fit into, try out, reinforce, invent, discover, and enjoy.     

At the same time children are continuously being challenged by specific learning goals which have set for them. In order to begin to read and do other academic tasks, children must first gather meaning from the world and develop an awareness of concepts.     

In order to gather meaning from the world, children must have satisfying sensory and motor experiences. They must touch, feel, smell, hear, and see. Perceptual development follows, this is how children interpret their sensory experiences which is a prerequisite for developing their minds.
At Taught A Lot Childcare, we are geared toward helping children develop habits of observation, questioning, and listening. It gives children the awareness of their own feelings and the right to express these feelings by channeling them into other means of expression. An open-ended program like Taught A Lot Childcare prepares children to utilize their intellectual and creative abilities in future learning tasks.  

Taught A Lot Childcare is committed in providing a safe and healthy environment, by continually providing activities and experiences that help children stay healthy and safe. Units on hand washing, germs, accepting limits are all ways which help children gain an understanding of these concepts.

​ Taught A Lot Childcare supports social and emotional development and provides positive guidance to build their self esteem of all children in the program, by reflecting and respecting the diversity of children in our program. We encourage children to problem solve and give guidance when needed. This is an important technique which they hopefully will use throughout their lives.

Taught A Lot's Vision

Our strengths are:

1.Helping children build self esteem

2.Helping children become independent with self help skills, working out social conflicts and making decisions in our program.

3.We make children feel: Important, special, accepted, loved and empowered.

4.We extend upon children's interests in our planning. We look for weakness'sand turn them into strengths- through fun activities.

5. We provide the parents resources when they are struggling with issues: Early Intervention/Past parent/Director Shirley's 30 years experience, our parent resource books, agency numbers and website to help parents in need. Together we find help and answers.